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Re: [IP] RE: I couldn't give my child a shot

When Eve was dx she was not put in the hospital (bg of 273), she was treated
as an out
patient (bad idea). When the dr. decided two weeks later to put her on
insulin, we were told to make an appointment with a nurse to show us how to
give injections. We were told to make sure it was late in the day, just
before supper, so we could inject her and go home and have supper (she was
using R). We showed up at the appointment time and of course the nurse was
running late. She quickly (the nurse wanted to go home) showed us how to
pull up insulin and told me to inject Eve in the tummy. Of course, Eve
didn't want anything to do with this (at this time it still took Eve 1/2
hour to do a bg). In the end, my husband had to hold Eve down while I
injected her in the arm. Eve then kick the nurse in the shin. Then the nurse
had the nerve to say "maybe she should have been put in the hospital". DUH
!!! This was ALL the diabetes ed we ever received, no one told us what to do
with a high or low bg. Later that evening, my other daughter had a band
concert and I cried though the whole concert from all the stress.

A year later Eve went to diabetes camp and when she came home she wouldn't
let us inject her anymore. She was so proud that she could do it all by

Eve has never let us insert an infusion set. She likes the sils now, but
inserts them very, very  slowly, (no ice or ELMA cream). I can't bear to
watch how slowly she does it (she says it's just like a long syringe). I
think she knows this, and tells me to go away, she doesn't need any help. I
have to give her credit, she never complains about having to change
infusions sets.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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