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[IP] How To Start On the Pump

> Hi Kathy,
> I was wondering if you could give me any information on how to get
> started on an insulin pump?  You know, basal rates, boluses,
> accomodations for highs, lows, etc...  I'm supposed to see an
> educator in one or two weeks to start on a trial run, but I'm
> itching to get started very, very, soon.  Can you help?
No one on the list can give you that specific information. That is 
what the practice of medicine is all about and you must do this under 
the care and supervision of a physician. We can however relate to you 
our own experiences and provide you with resources to educate 
yourself about insulin pumps, their use and this may affect certain  
aspects of diabetes management.

To begin with, a good source of information is the book Pumping 
Insulin. There is hyperlink on the BOOKS page of the web site that 
will take you to amazon.com


There are numerous FAQ's and HOWTO's concerning various aspects of 
pumping on the web site as well. The pump companies provide a wealth 
of information on the subject which can be accessed directly from 
their web sites, linked on the main page of Insulin Pumpers. In 
addition, there is a search engine (click the Insulin Pumpers search 
button). That regularly indexes all the major diabetes sites and 
numerous medical publications so you can access up-to-date medical 
and research information about pumping and diabetes in general from a 
single source that does not index anything else.

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