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Re: [IP] Smarties: Carb value & Origin

<< They are 5 or 6 grams of dextrose {Carb} per roll.  I have used them for
Hypos for many many many years. One roll usually works.  The price is
right, particularly if you can buy them bulk per lb. >>

I've used Smarties for years too, but I want to warn everybody that not all
rolls of Smarties in America are created equally.  This past Halloween, I
saw a GIANT (five pound!) bag of them in my local supermarket for a
reasonable price and bought it.  However, I noticed that the rolls in this
bag are larger than the rolls in the smaller bags I had been buying.  The
smaller rolls are 5 grams, the ones in the GIANT bag are 9 grams each.
Since I typically used two of the smaller rolls to treat a hypo, the 9 gram
rolls work out about right.  

Smarties are 100% carbohydrate, so I just weighed a roll on my digital gram
scale to get the amount.

Mary Jean

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