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[IP] Education vs - Management of Diabetes

ok - experts - I need your advice - 
I dont know how to do short and sweet - but will learn one day.

Kap will be going on the pump soon (and it better help with this situation) - 
but whether pump or MDI - this is my question - from my point of view (A mom) 
- someone with blood sugars over 350 should not be at school. Granted if the 
blood sugars were coming down - I say ok - stay at school - but they just 
don't come down on some days.  
He doesnt seem to mind being at school w/ #s from 350-550 - (no Ketos) but 
teachers are very frustrated with him not completing his work and this is 
where he feels uncomfortable - pressure from doing the work - he doesnt make 
the connection - high blood sugar and loss of energy/focus until afterwards 
he is back down to normal range - less than 200. Then he picks up the paper 
and will say - "man - why didnt i just do it this - i must be stupid - it is 
so easy"
If he stays at school - the message he gets is - high blood sugars - is no 
However, if I bring him home - then he gets the message - high blood sugars 
are dangerous and they need to come down.  
Take everything into consideration - he is not sneaking sweets, he tells 
teachers he will take test after being treated for a low (30), he doesnt use 
diabetes to get out of work. If I saw this type of thing going on - I would 
deal with it.
I dont feel confortable with him being at school w/ 350-550 #s all day.
Previous endo said it was ok to run high at school - education was important 
but i feel like i am educationing Kap to believe all day high #s are OK.
I bring him home if he has 2 readings above 250 and there is no sign of #s 
coming down.
Now - after I said all that - give me feedback - 
Good Mom - or Bad Mom - 
Trying to do her best as a Mom
Darlene (mom to Kap) 
I can relate to the statement someone made - "Their mom - telling them to 
just get dressed and you will feel better" NOT TRUE - clothes on Kap has 
never once brought his sugar levels down.  If it did - boy he would be 
bundled up some days!
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