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RE: [IP] Re: First Sil/Tender/Comfort Insertion

At 06:44 AM 12/3/1999  Jessica Marder wrote:
 >well the mistake i made repeatedly the first time i tried to insert a
 >tender, was to put the infusion line in upside-down...  look carefully at
 >the connection, and you'll figure out what i mean.. the thing is, that if
 >you put it in upsidedown then you can't get it out again, without
 >destroying the set...  BEWARE!!!

You must have really pushed to get it in upside down... I've found that it 
doesn't go in easily the wrong way. If you look for it, you can also tell 
by just looking at the connection end. If you see the two indentations on 
either side of where the tubing enters the connector, you have it upside 
down. The top side is smooth.

Why they don't make it so that it goes in either way, is a mystery to me.


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