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[IP] Re: Eating Habits..........

Thanks everyone for all the responses.  As I have read them, I came to a
realization.........could be right or not.........anyway, I figure my
appetite really hasn't changed since I started pumping......I am probably
still just as hungry or not hungry as I have always been, it's just that now
I can eat when MY BODY wants to and not when my insulin tells me I have to.
So far, I'm down 20 lb.s this month.  I am no longer worried about this.  I
just have to watch that I do eat.  And you know what---not having to eat
when I am not hungry sure makes setting my basals at the right level easier.
I don't have to take into account the food I have eaten and whether I was
covering the carbs right or not..........doing them as a fasting bg to
determine my level at that time of day is so simple.  I really do feel
normal---for the first time in over 16 years.  WOW!!

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