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Re: [IP] I'm wearing a continuous glucose sensor!

Natalie wrote:
<< What I would want to see is the trend -- could be my BG is 80 at the
moment -- is it going up, stable or going down? >>

I agree, Natalie!  I have to admit, it's driving me nuts to know that all
this data is being collected and I'm not able to see it.  For instance,
yesterday afternoon, I ate a fairly high fat lunch (on purpose, to see what
my bgs would do) and I used a square wave for 1/2 my bolus amount over one
hour.  Two hours after eating, my bg was pretty high (224).  I decided not
to correct at that point because I knew the insulin from the square wave
hadn't finished peaking yet.  One hour later, I poked my finger again, and
it was down to 175. And an hour after that, it was down to 128.  If I had
been able to actually see the numbers that the sensor is gathering, I might
have been more secure in my decision not to give an additional bolus when
my bg was 224.  So in this case, having a readout of bg might actually
*prevent* someone from over-correcting. MiniMed probably doesn't agree with
the FDA's logic either, but there's not a lot they can do.  Maybe data and
user comments gathered from this early part of the CGMS launch will help
build a more convincing argument for the release of the patient model. 

I'm taking advantage of this opportunity and am doing a fasting basal check
during the middle part of the day today.  Even though I won't get the
results until tomorrow, it sure beats poking my finger every hour --
especially since I'll be in class most of the day.  It's hard to check bg
when I'm frantically taking notes :-)

MJ (24 hours to go)

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