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[IP] Re: Insurance

RoseLea wrote:

<<Well, I got the first bit of information on my new insurance that goes into
effect January 1st.  Looks like Durable Medical Equipment is covered 100%!
That's good news, well, I guess it's full steam ahead on the pump now.
Woohoo, hopefully I'll be pumping in January...>>

Dizzy writes:

 Way to go!! Persistence does pay off. <vbg> I am SO happy for you! That is 
fantastic that they are covering 100%. 

I had been denied by my insurance co., (Tricare Prime). They said it wasn't a 
"covered benefit." Baloney! I new better than that. They received my appeal 
on the 24th of November, and I got a call this past Monday saying they 
reversed their decision. I went to my endo in Bowling Green, KY on Wednesday. 
Diesetronic called me yesterday and I'm going "live" Tuesday in Bowling 
Green. Yippee!!! I am going to be assimilated!! (LOL, I love that analogy!)

I talked to Connie at Diesetronic (Insurance Rep) and she told me that my 
pump will be covered 95%!! I was so surprised because Tricare usually only 
covers 85%. (Of course you know I wasn't going to argue with her!! <vbg>) 
Does anybody know if different regions have different coverage? This is only 
our 3rd duty station in the 12 years my hubby has been in the Army.
Our first was (West) Berlin, Germany (saw the "fall of the wall") and we 
didn't have to deal with military insurance -- the German Government paid all 
my hospital bills. (I had our youngest daughter there.)
Our second was New Orleans, (Tricare/GulfSouth region) where they covered 85% 
of durable medical equipment, and now here at Ft. Campbell (Tricare/Heartland 
Region) where they said I would be covered 95%. Hmmmmm . . . Just curious. 
(Wondering if maybe she made a mistake.)

Sally =o)
IDDM for 35 of my 36.5 years
Joining the Borg Collective 7 December 1999
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