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[IP] Sammi's article

email @ redacted wrote:

> The only thing I was not entirely pleased with was that one of the quotes
> from my endo gives the impression that this is generally only considered an
> option for Type 1's...I don't think he intended it that way, but that's how
> it came across. 

Well, seems to me like the vast majority of endos DO consider the pump
as an option only for Type 1's. And a goodly number don't consider it an
option at all.

I'm really glad you did that article, because most of the public is
about 50 years behind the times in their knowledge of diabetes, such as
it is!

Last summer, I was very sick with fever and diarrhea while on a trip to
Romania, and because I didn't feel it was SAFE to eat (imagine diarrhea
on a bus!!!!!), I was sipping a bottle of regular Coke -- and an elderly
retired dermatologist who was also on the trip told me I didn't have the
right to be drinking that. I don't know what he thought I SHOULD be

I thanked him for his concern and assured him that I could cover the
Coke with insulin -- but I still don't think he understood. 

And if a retired MD is that unaware, what about non-educated people????


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