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[IP] Re: First Sil/Tender/Comfort Insertion

>Tonight I am going try inserting a sil/tender/comfort for the first time and
>I have a question.  I have looked over all of the information on insertion
>and one thing wasn't mentioned.  The speed at which you need to insert it.

When Shane learned to do a sil, the CDE told him it doesn't have to be
really "fast", but it does need to be a smooth, continuous movement.
Apply steady pressure while inserting. No stopping and starting. From
watching, I would describe it as a "medium" speed, takes about 1-2
seconds. You don't just jab it in like a sofset, so its not as "fast",
but if you aren't applying much pressure, then it will go too "slow" and
can cause crimps. That's how we learned--others here may have other ways
of doing it. Hope this helps.
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