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Re: [IP] Smarties: Carb value & Origin

Hello Charles,

I'm not on a pump yet, but I was wondering if you could help by giving me information on how to get started on a pump.  I am supposed to visit a Diabetes Educator in one or two weeks to see the thing and get hooked up on a trial run with saline solution, but who cares about saline, right?  I want the real thing.  I don't want to wait.  Can you give me any help?



"Charles A. Soderstrom" wrote:

Several years ago I called the CE DE Candy Inc. of Union,NJ and they said all  Smarties were made in Canada.  They are 5 or 6 grams of dextrose {Carb} per roll.  I have used them for Hypos for many many many years. One roll usually works.  The price is right, particularly if you can buy them bulk per lb.. They seem less tart now. The ones sold in Canada might have a different flavor.Charles      starting my 47th IDDM year.   pumping for 3  .