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[IP] re: New to Pump

Hello Sarah,
    My name is Richard.  I live in Sacramento, Ca.  I have been pumping
since Feb. of this year with the MM 507c now I am currently using the MM
508.  I have been a diabetic since I was 11.  I have had my ups and
downs with diabetes as well but I am on the right track now as you will
by using the pump.  My profile is on the Insulin-pumpers list as well as
a picture.  My profile gives a little more detail about my background.
I live in the Pocket area of Sacramento.  Feel free to email with any
questions you might have.

I look forward to chatting with you.

Take care,

> Greetings to all. I must say that I have found this list MOST helpful in
> my travels to get a pump. Having the information you guys post here has
> helped me with a lot of my questions and concerns....traveling into
> unfamilar territory with the pump. I am now on day 3 with my new MM 508.
> So far, so good. Currently, it's all so new that I'm not feeling the
> "freedom" yet, but I KNOW it will come. Already, it seems "easier".
> My question for the group is: Is there anybody out there who is
> currently pumping that lives in the Sacramento CA area? I'm feeling a
> need to "talk" to someone about getting used to this whole idea. Don't
> get me wrong...it's wonderful and I am thrilled and all that. It's just
> different, that's all. I'm 38, been a diabetic for 33 years with
> injections. Now, I'm off and running with this new stuff. WOW!  Now that I know denial ain't
> a river in Egypt, I'm doing a whole big bunch better! Looking for
> someone who may trudge this road of happy destiny also < I am happily
> married for 18 years so THAT's not it......> in my general area. If so
> please e.mail @:
> email @ redacted ever so
> much...................................sarah

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