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Re: [IP] Donating blood

To all of you who have donated blood...where are you from?  Here in Rhode 
Island I have been turned down every time I had tried to donate blood.  This 
is the American Red Cross too.  I have been told every time that the insulin 
I take is the reason I am not able to donate, which makes no sense to 
me...EVERYONE has insulin in their bodies, whether it's produced naturally or 
not!  Why should that make a difference!  I am just wondering where you are 
all from because, silly as it may sound, I want to donate blood in the worst 
possible way, I want to know that someday my blood may save someone's life, 
and the fact that I am turned away every time I try makes me bawl my eyes 
out!  You'd think that after 4 years of trying to donate, I'd be used to 
rejection, but nope, not me!  Kelly
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