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[IP] RE: I couldn't give my child a shot

I have been a diabetic for almost 43 years (anniversary date- Jan 7).  Both
parents learned to give the shots, but my mother did most of them for 2
years.  Back then, it wasn't common for young children to self inject.
It wasn't something she wanted to do, or ever imagined doing.  But somewhere
she found the courage to do it.  All you diabetic moms have my respect.
This is harder on you than I realized.  My poor mom always had to be the
meanie - no I couldn't go skiing (no way to anticipate sugar needs and no
one with knowledge going with the group), I couldn't eat the Halloween
candy, etc.  I got used to it, but she still felt like the meanie.  Now, I
thank her for the monitoring she was able to do back then (Clinitest at its
best?).  So far only minor problems.

During one visit to the hospital for "regulation", I met another 9 year old
who was a diabetic patient of my doctor.  He had the nurses teach both of us
how to do injections using oranges and saline.  When we thought we had it
down, we showed him our skills with the orange.  Then he had us do our first
"real shot" on him.  After that, we did our own shots together for the rest
of the stay.  Good ol' Dr. McGee.

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