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Re: [IP] Re: I couldn't give my child a shot

It's been interesting reading these posts :) I remember when I was in the 
hospital I tried to put off giving my own injections for as long as possible 
. . pre diagnosis I was one of those who felt squeamish at the sight of a 
needle: my mom used to give herself allergy shots and I COULD NOT look.  I 
remember saying something to the effect of "I could NEVER give myself a 
shot!!" ha! Anyway, when I was in the hospital I got to "practice" on my 
mom, dad, and aunt.  Everything went fine until I got to my mom- I went to 
give her the injection of saline and thought it wouldn't go in, so I pulled 
back, but it had poked her skin so I ended up poking her three times and 
made her bleed :(  Must have been my repressed anger towards her for 
contributing to my gene pool . . . . nah.  I still feel bad about it :) I 
would have rather hurt the doctors.  --Gianna

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