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[IP] Steven's letter reaches more people!

Sharon & others,

Just wanted to let you know that Steven's letter to the editor (the one that
you were kind enough to share with us last month, that a former list member
caused the big ruckus about) inspired me to get off my backside & do
something positive.  After I read it, I thought "Okay, just what am I doing
to promote awareness here?"  I then proceeded to call the local papers & ask
them what they were running regarding diabetes awareness, & offering to help
them find resources or information if needed.  When one paper asked for
suggestions, I told them that it seems very few people in our area have any
knowledge at all that pumping even exists as an option, & it really seemed
like time to do something about that.  Well, one thing led to another, & I
was called for a lengthy phone interview (as was my endo) & the next thing I
knew, they were setting up to come & take pictures.  Over the holiday
weekend, one paper ran a front page story "Local Teacher Pumps It Up!" &
another ran as their main headline "Modern Technology Makes the Grade with
Teacher", with a two-page story & a big color picture of me, my pump, & some
of my fourth-graders!  I was really floored, because I thought that they
were going to run it in the Health & Lifestyles section or
something...instead, Bleu is a local celebrity, & now EVERYONE wants to see
him!  (Sylvie is a little miffed- it was her week off)  I guess I officially
count as a "hanger-onner" as far as the fame part goes!!  :)  Seriously
though- the stories were well-written, very informative, & gave the readers
a local health-care place with a resident CDE as a contact point for further
information, as well as recommending the IP page as an excellent resource.
The only thing I was not entirely pleased with was that one of the quotes
from my endo gives the impression that this is generally only considered an
option for Type 1's...I don't think he intended it that way, but that's how
it came across.  On the good side, they also let me air my (& many other
people's) pet peeve about those who know you are diabetic advising/deciding
"you should not be allowed to eat that <cookie, piece of cake, candy bar>
because great, great-aunt Ermengarde had sugar & she was never allowed!"
Chalk one up for our side!  :)

Overall, I was very happy with the "pump coverage" that was given, & I
wanted to send a special thank you to Sharon & Steven, who made me realize
that you can't make a difference unless you're willing to DO SOMETHING!!
(You are one of my heroes, Steven!)


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