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[IP] remembering boluses

>Any ideas on how to remember boluses?  You'd think it'd be the
>easiest part!>>

Well, I'm 60 years old and pumping 16 years. From MY end of the infusion
set, I have such newfound freedom and lifestyle that I often do forget a
bolus (yeah, you'll say it's a *senior moment*). We'll often go out to eat
with friends and are talking (do kids do that too??) and the waitress brings
the meal and we say grace and eat. A couple of hrs. later I feel awful and
look at my pump and the last bolus was the previous meal! Kids have a lot on
their minds, so do adults. Sometimes we'd like to forgot ALL the
requirements this disease demands. A forgotten bolus is not a major
disaster. We depend on that little box for our control and want to get on
with our lives and do other things. A kid is a kid and doesn't want to be
burdened either, Well, either does this old lady. But as someone else said,
that awful yucky feeling does remind us when we have forgotten. Thanks to
Humalog it can be rather quickly brought back down.  Not like not knowing
anything current my first 33 years of IDDM.

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