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Re: [IP] I'm wearing a continuous glucose sensor!

<<  Is this new glucose Meter on the market now? and can My Doctor 
write a perscription for it. >>


This isn't a device that a patient uses to replace a bg meter at this time. 
This is a machine that doctors can purchase to use in evaluating their
patients.  I can't see the data as it is gathered.  In three days, I go back to
the doctor, he will disconnect me from the sensor, and download the data into
his computer.

MM is working on a different model for patient use, but I don't know when that
is expected to be released.  As I understand it, the patient model will give a
readout of the current bg, and will alarm if the bg falls below a certain
level, to be set by the patient and the doctor.  The FDA is slower to approve
this because of concerns of "over-correction" on the part of the patient. 
However, I would welcome a way to just glance down and see what my bg is
without having to poke my finger!

Incidentally, the sensor I'm wearing has an alarm if my bg goes over 400, but
it doesn't alarm if my bg is low.  I'm not sure of MM's logic here.  The rep
told me yesterday that it is because people can usually feel a low, whereas a
high often goes undetected.  Hmmmm..... I wish it would alarm in either case. 
I don't always feel hypo symptoms until I'm MUCH lower than I want to be ( mid
50's), yet at other times, I can feel a "low" at any point below 80.  

Mary Jean

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