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Re: [IP] A few new lessons learned

My tape comes up a little at the edges every single day it seems.  
Mostly happens overnight.  What I do now, is take a piece of 
iv3000 and cut it into strips just the right size to "patch" the edges 
that are coming loose each day.  It seems to work well, and one 
piece of iv3000 cut up like this lasts for at least 1 infusion set and 
sometimes two.  Before this I was placing a whole entire piece over 
the site but it made the site start to feel like I had a big, thick thing 
plastered onto me.   I tried using plain old bandage tapes (the kind 
that come in a roll) but they came loose easily and the sites 
become very messy and ugly looking with little bits of white tape all 
over them.

Good luck with your new pump.

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