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Re: [IP] Bolus Question

Chese has almost NO carbs that act within 2 hours,
but cheese's acting carbs will act within 4 to 8 hours
after eaten... YMMV and you know, the commercial
mexican food has cheese in lots of dishes.
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Don't know why your BG goes higher after that one meal- maybe the cheese in the nachos?  All I know is that there are some meals - with me it's ANY kind of Mexican meal- where I just need more insulin and I finally gave up trying to compute how many chips I ate while I was out as well as the tortillas, rice or beans and I just take my lump 'Mexican sum' of units and check 2 hours later.  It works for me.  I think it matters less WHY it happens, then the fact that it DOES happen repeatedly.  Course you gotta do some serious nacho experiments it seems <g> and if you want any help I'll be glad to meet you - and oh, bring Delaine!

Also, I was trying to remember all your cheesecak ingredients:
1 pkg. FF cream cheese
2 cups FF cottage cheese
1 small package lemon jello
(graham cracker crust if desired)

What else?  Got another friend who wants to make it with a group?
Couldn't remember if you had water or milk in it.
Please advise.

How about Mini-Maxed?
Dianne   email @ redacted

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