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Re: [IP] Re: I couldn't give my child a shot

when i was first diagnosed the nurse insisted that i give myself my first
shot...  (which was probably a good idea all in all...)  my mom however,
on her first try, put the needle in, and took it out, without actually
injecting anything!!!!!  (i guess she was a little scared)  my dad fared
better and helped me by injecting in my arms and backside for years....  i
have a dear friend i met in college, who (when i met him) was terrified of
needles, he would actually leave the room anytime i pulled out my testing
kit... well, over the last four years, he has made a concerted effort to
learn to cope, and has actually learned to give me an injection (so that
he could handle glucagon if necessary)....  one of the sweetest things
anyone has ever done for me...    ;)  my boyfriend was similarly squeemish
when we first met (he had dated a woman who eventually passed away from
brain cancer, and had been present for many of her treatments...)  but he
has learned everything, and has actually tried testing his own blood sugar
and stabbing himslef with a syringe....  funny how these things make a
girl feel loved....  ;)


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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