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Re: [IP] Remembering boluses

Don't worry, the audio, along with vibrate modes, just use up the batteries faster.  Kev may be a laid back guy, but Josh is after all the attention he can get!

I am just amazed at all the problems some folks have had getting a pump.  Our only problem was that MM "misplaced" our paperwork for a couple of weeks.  They told me they don't even have to pre-authorize the pump any more through our insurance co
(just to save lots of replies--it's a blue cross plan called CHIP <comprehensive health ins. pool> thru' the State of Nebraska--you have to be a Nebraska resident for at least 6 months and have a health condition that precludes you from getting other covg.).  I really feel lucky!

Hope you had a great day at the "farm".  I'm going home to my own now!


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