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[IP] Re: I couldn't give my child a shot

>On the plus side, we still laugh when we think of my husband giving himself
>a shot of saline in the abdomen. He hates needles but did it anyway in
>support of Liz.  We watched wide-eyed as he held the syringe 3 feet away
>from his belly and came in with it like he was about to commit hari-kari.

LOL! Shane says that's exactly how he used to do his injections too.
After 26 years he finally had the distance down to about a foot. Now
he's started pumping and is still a bit apprehensive about the sets, so
when he does a sofset he is back to about 3 feet again! The way he winds
up you'ld think he was gonna drive it into a concrete block.  Of course
with the sils he can't do this, instead he sort of sways back and forth.
I always stand next to him while he does it cause I'm afraid he will
sway too far and topple over! He never does though. Later when he thinks
about it, he thinks its quite funny, but when the time comes for a new
set its not so funny anymore.  We were thinking about trying the
inserter for the sofsets, but he is finally getting used to putting in
the sils and he likes them better anyway.
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