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Re: [IP] Buffy The Vampire Slayer- 11/30/99 Episode

I didn't see Buffy, but I walk listening to a radio talk show in the DC
area the other day, and they were mentioning that the actress who played
the mother in 'whats happening' had just died.. and they were talking     
about her physical condition before dying, and when they said that she'd
lost both legs to diabetes, the host burst out laughing.  I wanted to
vomit, I have been so mad about that this week.  I wish I remembered the
station and show so I could call in and give them a talking to.

Yeah that ConAir thing was so derived and ridiculous.  We need a positive
role model with diabetes in a movie.

- Miranda, who will take the job

> done that in at least 20 years.  But I digress.  My point was
> this upset me because it wasn't a portrayal of a diabetic that
> differed from my experiences.  I know there are a lot of diabetics
> out there with many different experiences.  It bothered me because
> it was a direct comment that they were trying to make a joke about
> that certainly didn't make me laugh.

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