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[IP] Re: I couldn't give my child a shot

>Then again...it may depend on the person also.
>I never had a problem giving myself shots.
>I never had a problem giving others shots.
>I have a real big problem with other people getting
>close to me with a needle. 

Oooh, I agree, this depends on the person big time! I know that my
mother would've been able to give her children or herself injections if
needed. But my father wouldn't even have been able to get the syringe
out of the wrapper before passing out.  Personally, I would be able to
give my husband a shot if necessary, and if I had a child, I suppose I
could give one to him/her also.  However, I am one of those people in
the "I don't know if I could give myself a shot" category. Please, don't
everyone jump on me for saying that. I know that the other choice is to
die without insulin, but still, I honestly don't know if I could do it.
When I was younger I actually worried that I might become diabetic and
die from it because I wouldn't be able to give myself injections!
However, since Shane got his pump, watching him, I believe that I could
handle the sof sets, particularly with the inserter. The finger pricking
wouldn't bother me so much, although I'm sure it would get old fast!
Perhaps with some therapy I would be able to get over the needle
thing...  Really, I have a great respect for everyone with this
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