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[IP] A few new lessons learned

I wanted to thank everyone who gave me advice on the tape issue I had
yesterday.  After 24 hours of the set being inserted the tape had peeled up
enough around the area where the tubing is held down that I got worried I
would pull the site out.  Granted I am only on saline right now and it
wouldn't be a big problem, but I am trying to act like it is insulin.  :)

1.  One tip was to add a new piece of tape over the section that was peeling
up.  I was using the IV3000 that came with the softset over the set which
was applied directly to my skin.  Someone mentioned they used PolyskinII and
that worked well.  I got a few pieces with my startup kit from MM so I
decided to put that over to see how it worked.  I put it on before going to
bed and when I woke up this morning the skin under the tape was beet red and
itched.  Only where the polyskin was touching, and since it overlapped the
IV3000 I knew what caused the havoc by the shape of the bright red skin on
my stomach.  So I am allergic to Polyskin.  Good thing the extra box of tape
I got is IV3000.  I will have to keep requesting that in the future.   So
that was one lesson learned early.  The good news is that even though the
set was only in 36hours, I was do to change anyways.  I have to do 3 set
changes on my own before I go live on Monday.  

2.  The second tip was to put IV3000 on first and put the set through it.
Then put another piece over.  I am trying that now and it seems to be
working well.  Then again we are only in hour 5.  Pump Fairy go away!!! :)

3.  I figured out part of the reason the tape was being pulled.  If I tucked
the quick release with the rest of the tubing in my pants the release caught
on my belt line and pulled at the site.  Enough that the pulling of the tape
was slightly uncomfortable, but not to pull out the site.  So I found if I
didn't tucked in everything below the release I was fine.  Has anyone else
had this problem?

-- Sherry
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