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[IP] gastro and other things....

so, i have had some stomach problems that began soon after i was
diagnosed....  they didn't manage to diagnose it as anything until my
senior year...  when i received a diagnosis of a stress disorder, where my
stomach over-produces acid when i'm under stress, and causes me to
vomit...  however i'm now wondering if some of my early morning episodes
weren't caused by late night hypos...  (often i experience nausea the
morning after i've had hypos at night...)  and if the rest of the episodes
might not be gastroparesis...  i seem to have more variance in my blood
sugars than i can explain, and i was thinking it might be related to
differing absorbtion rates caused by gastro......  thoughts?

anyway, i'm thinking about this particularly as last night after some
frolicking  ;)  i woke up twice druing the night with hypos... and today
i'm nauseated...  it seems that it's not very predictable as to wether
i'll go high or low post-frolick...  seems sometimes the hormones make me
insulin resistant, and i go up up up... and other times the activity makes
me go low!  i'd try checking for the next few hours afterwards, except
that's when i usually sleep......  ;-(  so now what?


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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