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[IP] hospitals & people with diabetes


Must be a canuck if you use "Smarties".  My daughter (not diabetic like
me) loves them and ever time I go back to Canada for a visit I pick up
tons of them and give them to her for things like final exam days, St.
Nick's which is almost here isn't, it, Christmas, birthday, whatever.

Anyway, last time I was in the hospital for a heart cath and later the
angioplasty, the cardiologist and my primary care physician were quite
comfortable letting me determine when and if I needed any insulin. That
was pre pump. I let them take over injection because it gave me a break.
Of course I didn't need finger pokes for bg testing because they had
access through the cannula or whatever they couldn't remove until about
6 hours after the procedure. It's really nice to be trusted. I did have
written directions for testing frequency and insulin amounts in case of
highs/lows if for some reason I wasn't capable of giving my opinion.
They recognized that I know how insulin and carbs usually affect me.
Have never had a problem finding a doc who trusted me. . .  Donna

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