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[IP] misunderstanding the continuous glucose sensor!

>To anyone....
>Is this new glucose Meter on the market now? and can My Doctor 
>write a perscription for it. As a minimed 507 user since 1997 I 
>would like to have one. As having to do 5 blood finger sticks a day 
>or more. Can anyone tell me where I can get more information on 
>this such as a web site ect??
>Thank You
>Craig W.Goedecke

Craig and others,
The device is currently a sensor and not a meter.  It has 
an insertion device that is inserted much like an infusion set
on the pump is and the sensor is I believe a little smaller then
a pump.  It monitors your blood sugar by checking every
3 minutes(? someone will have to correct me on this if I am wrong).
The number is stored in the device and is not displayed to the user.
After three days the device is taken back to the doctors office and the
numbers are downloaded.  Currently it is in the testing stage.  It is 
hoped that one day it will be integrated with the MMPumps so that the pumps
will become "smart" and be able to self correct for any highs you have.
There is information about this device on the minimed website.  The link can
be found on the IP Homepage.

-- Sherry
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