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Re: [IP] Remembering boluses

Nebraska--The Good Life!"  Biggest problem here is the farm economy.  However, the unemployment rate is incredibly low (under 3%), and the cost of living is great compared to S. Cali.  

Josh is looking at Creighton U. as a college choice.  Great school.

As far as the differences, I'm not sure on all of them, but the 508 comes with a REMOTE control.  Does the 507 do audio bolus? Also a few more bells and whistles.  A great machine.  All I know is thank God for insurance!!!

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 17:30:00    LynnTalks wrote:
>OK that's it,
>I'm moving to Nebraska!!!  We live in a new area and our little elementary 
>school now is holding over 1100 kids!!  It got so big that they had to take 
>out the 6th grade and put them in with the jr high. 
>My brother in law went to Creighton University and they take the boys back 
>there every yr for an alumni basketball game. I'm still waiting for them to 
>take me, but the boys like being spoiled by their Aunt and Uncle.
>Do have a ques. Kevin is on the 507C. What is the difference with the new 508?
>Linda and all shopped out!!
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