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Re: [IP] I'm wearing a continuous glucose sensor!

Teresa and Lynn both asked about the continuous glucose sensor:

<< Do you wear this monitor on your wrist? >>

No, this is MiniMed's newest gizmo.  It is about the same size as a pump,
and I'm wearing it clipped to the waistband of my jeans.  The actual sensor
is inserted into me (my upper rump area, if you really want to know, nice
and fleshy), just like a pump cannula, and is connected to small electrical
wire, about the same size as pump tubing.  The cable connects to the
electronic unit, the part that is on my waistband.  The sensor measures the
glucose in my interstitial fluid, similar to the glucose watch that you are
referring to, but this is an invasive measuring technique, whereas the
watch is non-invasive (I think).  The FDA just approved this device last
summer.  MiniMed hopes that eventually, the continuous sensor technology
will be linked with the pump, creating a true closed loop system, or
artificial pancreas.  You can probably find more information on the MM website.

The sensor is intended for use by all diabetics, not only those on pumps.
It can be used by both type 1 and type 2 patients as a way of fine tuning
medications.  I see no reason why it couldn't be used by kids, with adult
supervision, just like a pump.  The keying sequences are similar to those
on a MM pump (the buttons are labeled "Sel" and "Act" and there are up and
down arrows), so it is fairly intuitive to me.  But someone who isn't a MM
pumper could learn to enter the information pretty easily.

Why did my endo choose me? I don't know... likely because I'm a known
diligent patient.  I'm very involved in my own care, and have pushed him to
try new things, such as trying the Velosulin - Humalog mix in my pump
(thanks to the IP list ).  Or, he may think of me as a good guinea pig, a
true sucker for new gadgets <vbg>.  He also wanted to start with someone
who is familiar with having a device hooked up for days on end, so he is
starting with pumpers.  Another of his patients, a pregnant woman, is also
using it this week (he bought two of the devices), but my appointment was
before hers, so I'm the first!

Mary Jean
MM 507 since 1-28-97
MM CGMS for 12 hours and counting... 60 more to go.

(wired to the hilt today, with no room to spare on my waistband: Pump,
Sensor, and Cell Phone -- phew!)

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