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Re: [IP] A cure around the corner!!??

In a message dated 12/1/99 11:29:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hey Michael O', check the pumpers list!   There are dozens of us old timers
 around.  You're not to oldest-timer here :-)
 41 years and still poking
 I was happy to see another vintage '55er.
 It's SO rare to hear of anyone that's been doing insulin as long as we have.
 I was diagnosed when i was 3.  I belong to an MSN web community called
 Diabetics, Hypoglcemics and Transplants.
  I'm the old timer in that room. The next closest has 31 years. We do chat
 every Wednesday night and have quite a few pumpers there.
 Would love to hear more about your pump experiences. I just began the
 insurance process last Wednesday. MiniMed says my HMO takes
 3-4 weeks to approve, so i'm looking for all the guidance and experience i
 can get.
 Take care!
 Michael O'Brien>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>
Hi Michael and Wayne I missed the beginning of the thread but the reference 
to 55 is what caught my eye. 55 Chev or 57 or 58 all were the cars I loved 
the most. 55 is my next birthday. 55 was a real cool year as I was only ten 
and into rock and roll.                Roger C dx 47 still shooting
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