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[IP] New Endo

I just had to share that Kevin saw the new endo today and he was marvelous! 
His name is Dr. Zitnay and he too is diabetic and wears a Disetronic pump. It 
was great that he and Kevin could share their war stories! He is going to 
make some changes as soon as Kevin is over this sinus infection to his 
bolus/basals to make it so that he doesnt take 4 hours to come back into 
range. Interesting. Also, he has his patients send bgs every 4 weeks! I love 
it. Someone who cares AND understands the pump! Kevin was very impressed too. 

That is all.

goodnight...oh, we are back to the normal basals again (not 200%) and better 
bgs! :)

Mom of Kevin
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