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[IP] Kevin's Pump will be ordered on Friday

KEVIN'S PUMP WILL BE ORDERED FRIDAY - I am screaming it from rooftop and the 
I was so proud of my big/little boy today - 
Ped/endo asked him did he want the pump and why. 
"He said "Ole yeah, my Mom doesn't think I know what a normal b/s feels like 
- but I do know what high and low blood sugars feel like and I dont like them 
and very tired of them. And I want the Disetronic pump because it has 2 micro 
chips in it - in case one fails, this is a safety feature - and it will 
protect me from getting to much or to little insulin."
I almost feel out - thinking - you go son - Educate the ped/endo.
This ped/endo did a hba1c in her office - 7.9 or this could have been the 
last 2 weeks average. (not sure) 
This wonderful ped/endo -told us not to worry about anything - she agreed - 
she wanted him on the pump and she would handle the insurance group if they 
needed anything else. She did ask me if my insurance company had a contract 
with a particular pump company. And if they did it would take a little longer 
to get the
Disetronic if they didnt have a contract w/ Disetronic pump company - since 
this is the pump she wants him using.  
Thanks to all of you guys - my prays are coming true. 
"Happy Days are Here Again" - "What a Wonderful World"
Thanks for listenig, answering my ?s and just being here!
(mom to Kap) Kevin - aged 9
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