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[IP] change before meal?

Bob wrote:
>  I was told to change sites just before eating. This way a 
> bolus goes through clearing the canula. also it gives more of a 
> pooling so the insulin will absorb..

hmmm i don't see what the reasoning behind this is...I mean, you are supposed 
to give a bolus until you see a few dsrops coming out of the end anyway prior 
to sticking it in you.  If, howevr, you have a big ole air bubble in the 
tubing that you don't notice before you plug back in, then you eat a big ole 
high carb meal, you will get a bolus of air, which unfortunatley doesn't 
lower bg (but I hear they are working on it...<g>).  So you are missing your 
bolus, AND your basal.  

I personally try to do it AFTER a meal, so at least i KNOW I got my meal 
bolus.  I also will do it AFTER my morning shower...That way I am clean...

but that is what works for MOI -

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