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[IP] Hospitals and People With Diabetes

A few months ago there was a thread about the horrors some IP Lister
members experienced while in the hospital. We got some printed material in
this regard at a support group that I'd like to share with you:

"On occasion, the person with diabetes must be admitted to the hospital for
things unrelated to diabetes; things such as accidents, infections,
"routine" surgery (tooth extractions, tonsilectomy, hernia repair),
emergency surgery, etc.

The diabetic who  is "in control" should be able to handle all these
situations without difficulty, but remember  THIS IS YOUR DIABETES, and you
and your parents should know more about it than those around you. After
all, your doctor may not be there. Others are often strangers.

You and your parents should insist on working with the doctors and nurses
as PARTNERS during the hospitalization.

1. Continue to check blood sugars yourselves and keep the records.
2. Assist in selection of the diet.
3. Assist in selection of the doses and types of insulin.
4. Draw up and administer all doses of sugars. (This doesn't make sense at
all to me- the original was     printed that way.)
5. Be apprised of the results of blood sugars.
6. Be apprised of all drugs used that might alter blood or urine sugar

There are a number of good ways to manage the diabetic who's going to
surgery--but it's your responsibility to make certain that the method
chosen MAKES SENSE TO YOU!!!!!

Remember, a partner shares, so you must also share your information with
the doctors and nurses."

Linda V.
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