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Re: [IP] Remembering boluses

I am 21 years old, and I too suffer from the "forgotten bolus" syndrome.
It depends on how much is on my mind how well I remember my bolus, it is
better than it was in the beginning, but I still forget at times.

I had to comment on the whole "I couldn't give my child a shot" thing.  I
have had so many people say "I could never give myself a shot" and I always
reply with "You would if your other choice was to die"  A couple of times
my mom has opened her mouth to "warn" me not to be so blunt or at least a
little more politely, but has always just shut it without speaking.  For
the most part, I say what I think bluntly.  I never learned to be subtle as
a child.  For the most part kids and people with disablities are far more
accepting than others, in many ways I get much more empathy and REAL
support from them than people in medical professions.

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