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Re: [IP] Re:dusk phenomenon ?

> Michael,
> We did increase her basals Monday  evening from 8p.m. to midnight by
> .3 this seems to work for now. I think that she might be back to her
> dusk phenomenon. We will check every night her at 10:30p.m.,
> 11:30p.m., and 1a.m. just to make sure she doesn't get too low. 

I've checked Lily for years at 2:00 - 2:30. It seems that if she's ok 
at bed time (usually 11 - 12) that even if low, she will still be OK 
some 3 hours later. When low, if I wake her she may immediately begin 
to crash and need a large amount of carb, sometimes as much as 50+ 
grams of straight glucose, but she doesn't go over the edge while 
still asleep. I guess there is some mechanism in the body that keeps 
you hanging on as long as possible. YMMV, but you probably don't need 
to do the first checks unless there is a known problem. We've only 
been bitten once by this technique in 5 years and there were some 
extenuating circumstances anyway.

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