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[IP] I'm wearing a continuous glucose sensor!

Hi all,

When you get up in the morning, you never know what is going to happen to
you that day.  I had an appt. with my endo this morning.  He surprised me
by bringing a woman who works for MiniMed into the exam room.  He told me,
"Congratulations, you are the first person in Western Idaho to use a
continuous glucose sensor!"  I had no idea this was coming.

I will wear it for three days and then return to his office on Saturday
morning and he will download the data.  The data doesn't display on the
screen while the test is running.  I enter my bg readings (taken the
old-fashioned way) into the sensor each time as a calibration check.  I
also enter the fact that I've bolused, eaten, exercised, or whatever.  I'm
also keeping a very detailed log for these three days (considering I never
log at all, this is a monumental effort on my part <vbg>).  I must wear it
continuously (no disconnecting for a shower).  It uses an introducer needle
similar to a silhouette, but a bit bigger in diameter and not as long.  The
needle is removed after inserting the cannula. There is a small amount of
tape on the base, and the whole works is covered with a large piece of IV
3000 tape, with no hole.  They dont' want any water to get in, since it is
an electrical device!

I am my endo's first patient to use this, he is learning the ropes along
with me.  I'm very interested to see the results.  And wouldn't you know
it, all day my bg's have been running higher than normal.  Maybe it's all
the excitement.My bg is lower now, though, so hopefully the rest of the
test will be representative of my "average" state of being.

As you can tell, I'm very excited about this.  If anyone has any questions
about the sensor, I'll try to answer them -- I got a crash course this morning.

Mary Jean

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