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RE: [IP] ketones under 240


Thanks for the information. I had eaten about 4 hours before I found the
ketones. Perhaps my cannula was blocked, but when I bolused through it I
came down quickly (1 hour) and my ketones went from "small" to "trace". My
CDE has since upped my basals by about 2 units per day, so maybe that had
something to do with it. I'm a complete novice when it comes to ketones as
until recently I thought I was type 2 and didn't have to worry much about


Sara wrote:

> Whatever the mechnanism, whether not taking in enough insulin
> or not taking
> in enough glucose, if your brain can't use the fuel you
> provide (and glucose
> is the only thing our brain works on), it wil tell the body
> to start burning
> the stuff that makes  ketones.
> My pump wearing nurse educator was in the hospital for neck
> surgery....Her bg
> were great but she wasn't eating anything and her ketones
> were in the large
> area until they upped the glucose drip.  The average adult
> needs about 150
> grams of glucose just for the brain to work properly...
> Sara

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