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Re: [IP] pump name, and a bolus question

Ok, on the topic of pump names . . .I still haven't thought of one and am 
still waiting for inspiration to strike.  It suddenly came to me that I 
could call it "mini-me" -- what a great play on the pump brand name hmmm?? 
and appropriate.  However, i was thinking that kind of went against my usual 
thoughts that being diabetic isn't really what defines me . . .and then I 
HAD to give it up because I couldn't stand having an artificial body part 
named after a character in an austin powers movie :) so here I am  . . 
.still thinking!  this just struck me as funny . . so of course I had to 
post it . . .and now for my QUESTION:  I cannot seem to figure out this 
bolusing for lots of carbs at once thing.  I mean, I've tried it several 
times with the same meal, each time ending up somewhere around 200 after, so 
I figured I underestimated by 20 g of carbs since I take 1 unit for every 10 
grams and 1 unit lowers me 50 points.  (target 100)  but the next time I eat 
it, I still end up at 200 or so even with the extra 2 units.  I've tried a 
dual wave with 2/3 now and 1/3 over 3 hours, and I also tried a temp basal 
for 6 hours . . .neither of which seemed to matter.  I ate some nachos, 
garlic bread, mashed potatos, veggies, salad.  any suggestions? I know 
there's fat in the nachos (cheese etc.)  but there doesn't seem to be much 
pattern when it comes to high carbs for me :(
I never have this problem with ice cream or some other things.

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