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[IP] ketones under 240

David wrote:
>  I was under the impression that ones sugar needed to be 240 
> or higher before he should worry about ketones. Is it common to 
> produce ketones when the glucose is only a bit over 200?

If you are NOT eating enough carbohydrates, like when you are on a protein 
diet or fasting in a hospital situation, you WILL have ketones in your urine 
even if your bg are completely normal.  Sugar in the BLOOD alone does not 
produce ketones.  It is when the brain doesn't get enough fuel that it tells 
the body to start burning ketones.  It thikns it is starving and thinks it is 
time to burn those fat stores and that :excess: tissue around our organs and 
muscles.  This is known as STARVATION KETOSIS.  

For diabetics, if we don't take the insulin for the food we eat, the sugar in 
our blood can not get to where it needs to get for our brian and body to be 
happy and we start buring ketones.  If it goes far enough and we get 
dehydrated enough, it is called KETO-ACIDOSIS.  

Whatever the mechnanism, whether not taking in enough insulin or not taking 
in enough glucose, if your brain can't use the fuel you provide (and glucose 
is the only thing our brain works on), it wil tell the body to start burning 
the stuff that makes  ketones.

My pump wearing nurse educator was in the hospital for neck surgery....Her bg 
were great but she wasn't eating anything and her ketones were in the large 
area until they upped the glucose drip.  The average adult needs about 150 
grams of glucose just for the brain to work properly...

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