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[IP] Remembering our kids are still kids....

Dear Lynn & Jodi:
     I've been enjoying this "thread" about teens, since I have 2 teens also 
- both girls- 18 months apart!! The good news is they DO improve with age, 
like fine wines & cheese! LOL....Having survived the "how did my parents get 
so dumb so fast" stage, I'm happy to report that they both actually SOLICIT 
our input at times...
     As for the forgotten boluses, I spoke to 2 friends today who have 
teenaged daughters with diabetes (pumpers) & both conversations revolved 
around just how mature, responsible & "centered" our kids have become because 
of their diabetes. Yes, they will make mistakes, forget to do things, make 
unwise choices, etc. but because they have such a tangible consequence for 
their missteps ( unlike their peers), they're far more likely to self-correct 
in the future. After months of normal bgs ( comparatively so),if Melissa 
forgets to bolus ( a rarity, but can happen) the resulting high bgs make her 
feel incredibly AWFUL. She certainly doesn't need ME to chastise her, since 
she does a suffcient job by herself! It's unrealistic to think that these 
kids can't function without our "hovering", as difficult as that may be to 
accept, but ultimately, what we all want for these children with diabetes is 
the relative "peace of mind" that comes from knowing that they ARE able to 
"trouble shoot" eventually & "fly solo". 
    Bottom line: I liken it to standing in a pool & tossing in pebbles that 
create a ripple effect....each pebble represents one "ripple"step further 
back that I can take, as I see my daughter getting ready to  leave this 
protective nest.....

Regards, Renee (pump mom for 3 1/2 yrs to almost 17 yr old Melissa)
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