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Re: [IP] Remembering boluses


We live in a tiny town in central Nebraska.  The entire school (k-12) is only 130 kids.
All of them are wonderful "extra mommies" to Josh.  They all think his MM508 in electric blue is the coolest thing since nintendo 64!

Adults all want to know how long he was in the hospital to have it "installed".  He takes great joy in the looks on thier faces when he shows them the site, and explains what he had to do to get it in there.  The child is a devil!

Kevin sounds like a smoothe operator as well...let somebody else do the dirty work!  I like him already.

Now get those groceries!!

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 13:57:22    LynnTalks wrote:
>I can remember that comment and even to this day. They look at the pump 
>hanging from him and cringe. Mainly the adults, the kids just say, cool and 
>move on. They even fight sometimes when kev asks who wants to do his 
>fingerstick..sounds like the Huckleberry Fin thing (too lazy to do it himself 
>so he'll make it seem like fun and let the other kids do it for him!!)

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