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Re: [IP] Remembering boluses

At 09:40 AM 12/1/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Sam thanks for that encouragement.  My son, Kevin is almost 12 and has been
 >pumping since Aug. this year and has forgotten to pump a couple of mornings.
 >This will help me remember to support and encourage, instead of getting on
 >his case. I have to remember he's still a little boy and has been living 
 >diabetes for 8 years. He's my hero!!

When you are on the pump you are living so much more like a non-diabetic 
person that it's easy to forget that there is one extra step that is 
necessary at mealtime. Don't worry about it... new habits will eventually 
form. Just stay aware and gently remind when they forget. They'll catch on 
soon enough. From my experience with our 19 year old son (non-diabetic), 
punishment for forgetting things does not help and may even make things 
worse... especially as they get to those rebellious teen years.


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