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RE: [IP] Pump Start-Almost/Questions

>I am amazed at how many people's dr.'s put them on saline first.  We went
right into the >insulin.

Again this totally depends on the CDE and Endo you see.  In my case the
support staff has found they have huge success in there method.  Many people
walk away from the first week of pumping insulin with very little changes
needed to their basals.  Just adjustments for exercise, etc.  They idea with
saline is to let us experience with the sets and setchanges and  pump
capabilities without worrying about insulin delivery.  Then they start with
a strict regiment for the first week on the pump with no snacks, exercise,
and low fat and protein meals to help set the starting basal rates.  I also
have to attend 2 90minutes sessions where the pumps good and bad parts are
explained in great detail.  They want to make sure we don't think this is
going to be a walk in the park.  This way less chance of us feeling like
failures.  Although this is tedious, I feel that they are a great staff and
I have learned a lot from them, this list, and all my research that I feel
confident to make this work.  In your son's case his staff had a different
philosophy and that worked great for him.  I think with doctors TMMV(Their
Mileage May Vary) also.  Congratulations on your sons success!

-- Sherry 
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