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[IP] Buffy The Vampire Slayer- 11/30/99 Episode

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone caught Buffy last night?
I was folding laundry and actually started throwing
sock balls at the screen.

One of the characters "Willow" was getting over a bad
breakup with her boyfriend.  She was asking "Buffy" if 
she wanted to eat ice cream and watch "Steel Magnolias"
that way "Buffy" could make her feel better by telling
her at least she didn't have diabetes.

Normally I don't get upset about portrayals of diabetics
in TV and movies.  Many I attribute to some one on the show
who was advising about diabetes who was either ill informed
or representing a relatives or self experience that isn't 
general to the diabetic population.  Even "Steel Magnolias"
bothers me a little.  Less for the complications they show
later, more for the reaction they portrayed in the beauty 
parlor. Then there was the portrayal in "ConAir" that seems
like it could represent no type of diabetic out there today.
Who misses an injection and within an hour or two is sweating,
convulsing, etc.  That also injects themselves with a glass
syringe the size of a hypodermic needle.  No body I know has
done that in at least 20 years.  But I digress.  My point was
this upset me because it wasn't a portrayal of a diabetic that
differed from my experiences.  I know there are a lot of diabetics
out there with many different experiences.  It bothered me because
it was a direct comment that they were trying to make a joke about
that certainly didn't make me laugh.

Getting off the soap box,
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