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My son, Kevin is almost 12 and has had diabetes for 8 yrs. Me, being the 
overprotective mother never had him count carbos, but we did do exchanges. 
About 2 yrs ago, my husband and I decided he needed to be able to do this on 
his own. We started having him memorize different starches, such as pasta 1/2 
c = 15 grams and the certain fruits that added up to 15 grams..we did breads 
and milk and had him just keep going over at each meal. We used it as a game 
at meal times with both our boys and they enjoyed it as they both learned it. 
You can get a carbo book at the book store and start with your meals.  It 
works for us, but believe me we are always learning different counts!!

Good luck, and remember those kids can do a lot more than we give them credit 

Linda, mom to Kev
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