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[IP] ketones

ketones, i believe, are a toxic by-product of burning fat...  your kidneys
filter them out of the blood stream and put them in the urine...  usually
they have no problematic side effects... when combined with high blood
sugar and dehydration the Ph of the blood is affected which can lead to
DKA, a dangerous, and potentially fatal condition....  ketones are likely
to be produced any time your body burns fat...  if your body has no access
to insulin, obviously it will revert to burning fat...  and your bg's will
simultaneously skyrocket...  when you are ill, your body may need
additional energy, which it can get from fat stores...  this is only
problematic if it is combined with dehydration and high bg's which often
accompany illness...  this is also part of my understanding of why it is
often inadvisable to exercise when blood sugars are high...  the potential
combination of high blood sugar, ketones, and dehydration...  i believe
all of this information is correct, but i'm remembering back to when i was
11 (10.5 years ago...)  so, i may be incorrect... is there a med
professional out there who can verify the validity here?


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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