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RE: [IP] Remembering boluses

Have you tried the micro soft sets?  They are smaller than the ultimate.  And don't cause as much pain.  

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My daughter, Stephanie (age 8) has been pumping almost a month.  She learned to
do her infusion set without any numbing cream and does all her own set
changes.  She doesn't mind changing her sets, but kind of dreads it (ie. not
her favorite thing to do, but doesn't cry or get upset like she used to at time
with injections).  I got the ELA-Max cream for her to try and she has used it a
couple of times, but says it doesn't really make the area numb (even after the
prescribed waiting time).  So she has just been doing it without.  Then I got
to thinking...about 4 years ago she fell over her bike, got a huge gash in her
knee and had to go to the emergency room for stictches.  They used lydicane
(sp?) and the initial shot of it didn't work to numb the area.  I can't
remember if they gave her another shot of lydicane or gave her something else
to finally numb it, but just now remembered that they were surprised she was
"resistant" to the lydicane.  Any ideas?  Could this be why the ELA-Max (which
I think has lydicane in it) doesn't really work for her?  Is their something
else I should try (she prefers going without to the ice thing, by the way)?

Laurie, mom to Stephie

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